Successful Meetings With Triumph Luxury

At Triumph Luxury Hotel we believe in the power of meetings. Our talented and dedicated team will listen to your unique needs, and tailor a conference or meeting with everything you need to reach your goals. Let us help you be the best that you can be.
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Memorable Weddings At Triumph Luxury

Let your new life begin at Triumph Luxury Hotel, where cherished memories are celebrated! choose between our outdoor venue surrounded by lush greenery or our ball rooms which is offers beautiful scenery.

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Elegant and stylish evening retreat

Comfortable couches and an inviting warm atmosphere accompanied by live entertainment calm music, our spacious lobby is the landmark for an elegant and stylish evening retreat, where you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink.

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“ Qanoun “ Live entertainment show

Oriental nights never been better than this, enjoy “ Qanoun “ live entertainment show while experiencing our carefully selected mouth-watering  oriental plates and spend a true authentic night only at “El-Khan”.

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Plan your special day in one of our luxurious ballrooms

Our luxurious spaces have access to all the necessary amenities, as well as pristine service and top-tier cuisine, our team will help you have the most memorable day you can possibly dream about, enjoy our spacious halls and variety of venues
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